Hi there, I'm Alison. Well, that's the easy part of my name. My last name's not so intuitive, but it's memorable! (Here's some help: "CLAY-na.")

But way more important than how to pronounce my name is how I can help you create thoughtful, articulate, and ultimately useful content that connects your brand to its ideal customers in authentic and meaningful ways.

Connecting through writing is one of my superpowers.

I've been writing and managing digital content for small business and nonprofits for over a decade. I'm happiest spending my days crafting, revising, and perfecting copy and then figuring out how to best share it with the world.

My relationship with writing has gone through a number of phases. The most significant -- and perhaps surprising -- phase was playwriting. From high school through my early career, I read, studied, and wrote plays; I even designed my own independent undergraduate major in dramatic literature. My interests eventually evolved towards other forms of writing, but those early years as a playwright contributed profoundly to my current calling. As it turns out, writing page after page of dialogue was an exceptional education in developing and communicating in different, distinct voices.

I use everything I've learned as a writer and business leader to help businesses find and strengthen their unique voices in order to successfully reach audiences that are hungry for their products and services. And all without being smarmy or pushy (my biggest marketing pet peeves). My motto is "authentic, generous, ethical."

As a business owner, you're juggling a lot of responsibilities, not all of which will feel like a natural fit. If the realities of maintaining a blog, copywriting for your newsletter, and optimizing your website and social media accounts are not where your heart lies, that's okay. These things don't have to become a burden.

I firmly believe that you don't have to sacrifice all of your time, energy, and sanity to maintain a strong online presence. My services offer flexible, customizable options that will help you develop and refine your business's online personality and make the best use of today's content marketing tools. Use your reclaimed time to focus on what you love to do most!

Working With Me

Because I deliver custom services directly to my clients, I take on a limited number of clients at a time. So if you're ready to take a concrete step towards improving your business's online presence, drop me a message today and let's see if we'd be a good fit.

Free Resources

You'll also find me dishing out an ever-growing collection of tips, news, and insights on my blog. It's a great place to start learning about best practices in content marketing and how to make them work for you.

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