5 Reasons to Make Your Blog Your Best Friend


As you build your business, you'll be faced with lots of choices about how and where to market your products or services online. I'll be the last person to knock social media (after all, you can find me here, here, here, oh and here), but that's not the basket into which I recommend you put all of your proverbial eggs. Rather, I want you to turn to your website and make fast friends with blogging.

Here's why it's time to make your blog your BFF:

Your blog is yours

This may seem super obvious, but don't let that overshadow how significant it is. Your blog is under your control in ways that your social media accounts just aren't, when it comes down to the fine print. As changes continue to be made to social media platforms, you'll appreciate your blog all the more as the unencumbered publishing tool it is.

Blogs gain followers

If you're putting out blog content that someone finds valuable, they never have to miss a post. By subscribing through their favorite RSS feed reader, they'll always receive your updates, no ever-changing algorithms to contend with.

Your blog is the proper home for most of your website content

You work hard to keep your website streamlined, scannable, and easy to navigate. But you have a lot other stuff to share, and the list keeps evolving. Maybe you like to share your sources of inspiration, event photos, sneak peeks of works-in-progress, or the behind-the-scenes of your operations. Where's that all to live? On your blog, of course (felt pretty obvious saying that). Any content that you want to cycle past your audience, while also maintaining in perpetuity, is a great fit for blogging.

Your blog instills trust

While your entire website should instill a sense of trust in who you are and what you do, your blog is your chance to go deep, over and over again. As you write about your subject, sharing ideas, advice, and opinions, you naturally validate your expertise, demonstrate your skills, share your unique voice, and connect with your audience. Stay relevant and on-theme to your business, but don't be afraid to get personal sometimes. Let your audience get to know the real human beings behind your brand, and you'll become much more than just another URL.

Your blog brings your website alive

Websites have a way of feeling very static (in the technical sense, sure, but here I mean dull) if there isn't a frequent influx of new content. Nobody's going to make a habit of visiting a website every week when nothing much ever changes. Not to mention that when a website sits static, it can be hard to tell if the business is still a going concern.

Maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to make your website feel active to its visitors. Posting on a regular basis keeps materials fresh and shows that your business has a strong heartbeat, that you're engaged in your industry, and that you value conversation with your audience.

Your blog is an awesome source of shareable content

Whether you're writing text-based posts, going heavy on photo montages, or embedding your latest YouTube video, your blog is the perfect source of content to share on all of your social media platforms and in your newsletter. After all, it's a great platform for publishing both written and multimedia content, and it leads readers to your website, where they can continue to explore. Don't underestimate the value of a single blog click, which has the potential to convert into a new customer, client, or recommendation.

Get blogging!

So if you're not blogging yet, it's time to start. Make your blog your best friend, and you will never lack for content for the rest of your platforms. You'll establish yourself as a thinker, doer, and creator in your field. You'll keep your website feeling fresh and perky. Your fans will be happily engaged, and you'll attract new leads. Win-win-win-win-win.

Blogging doesn't have to be time-consuming. You decide the format that works for you, whether it's quick check-ins, longer think pieces, or primarily images, video, or audio. If you can't find the time to blog in the way that you'd like, or if you lack ideas or confidence in your writing, consider enlisting some help or inviting guest writers to help fill in your post schedule. Whatever you do, don't miss out on the significant opportunities that blogging can create for your business.

Today's To-Do

How can you imagine incorporating a blog into your business or, if you already blog, how could you take your practice to the next level?

I'd love to hear from you: Share your thoughts (or questions) in the comments below, as well as a link to your blog so we can see what you're up to!

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